How school notifications work

Our goal is to have your school notifications reach their intended targets without being intrusive, nor desensitizing the user for future transmissions while offering your user’s a true sense of security.

The first component of the iFollow Two-Way Security & Notification system would be out-going Mass Notifications.

1) An administrator can transmit to unlimited groups within the subset of users.

2)Administration may request to receive a confirmation of each alert which is opened. Includes date, time opened, and platform used to view the alert.

3) Administration may embed Image, video or voice into all notifications(E.g: If you see this person, DO-NOT Approach)

4) Notifications are transmitted to the user via User-App, SMS & Email

5) Option to indicate a level of Notification. (E.g: Informational Alert, Medical Alert, Critical Alert, Active Shooter Alert). Extremely helpful in increasing open rate.

6) The administrator may broadcast alerts immediately, or schedule them to transmit at a later time or date

7) Transmit 1 or 1 million school notifications simultaneously

8) Create an unlimited number of groups with an unlimited number of search tags. For example, you may want to send an alert to a specific grade in a specific class. That can be accomplished in seconds.

The main component of our program is the security functionality of the iFollow School Alert system, called the “Video Panic Alert” 

1) An ideal option for Schools and Universities to address incidents in which breaches of security or emergencies might occur.

2) Once a Panic Alert is initiated by a user, the user shares live video, location and opens a line of communication with one or more system administrators(school) simultaneously.

3) Along with the alert, a users personal profile will be apparent to the administrator. The profile will include as much or as little detail as the user has made available. For example, they might include, medical and emergency contact details if so desired.
Panic Alerts are the ideal option for students and faculty in situations which their physical safety may be threatened or under attack. This can take the form of a Virtual Escort/Saftey-walk or outright Emergency Alert.

4) Optionally, a user may report tips either anonymously or with personal identifying details.

Using The Administrative Dashboard:

1) Your school may have as many administrators as needed( No Limit)

2) You may limit usage rights depending on the administrator security level

3)The administrator may schedule their availability. This will ensure they don’t receive notifications when they’re not available.

4) Complete reporting function of users, administrators, notifications and school panic alerts.

5) Cloud-Based Admin functionality. Of importance to many schools such as yours, is that this program is completely optimized for mobile. Same level of functionality across all desktop and mobile devices

6) Database stored in the AWS Cloud data center (Amazon). Meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

The Control Hub retains all details including video, user profile, and location, which may be used for reference at a later date